Broadway Musical Chairs – Well, Not Really.

So it’s not technically musical chairs – no theatre is being “taken away” after the music ends, and no show is being forced to close after it doesn’t get to a theatre fast enough. 

Rock of Ages is closing on January 9th… but it’s re-opening at the Helen Hayes Theatre in March.  No one is quite sure why this is happening, especially with Second Stage’s impending acquisition of the Helen Hayes.

It was also announced that Rain, the Beatles tribute musical, is closing at the Neil Simon Theatre on January 15th and then transferring to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, re-opening on February 8th for a minimum of 16 more weeks. The producers of Catch Me if You Can have the Neil Simon booked the Simon earlier last year. 

Lastly, it was announced that extraordinary writers behind Next to Normal, Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey, are teaming up again to pitch an idea for a musical vehicle for Robert Downey Jr.  I am just as confused by this as you are, don’t worry.  But I’m sure the TONY winning team won’t disappoint. Playbill updated readers with more news on the story that can be found here.

Some unbelievable occurences, as well as some exciting occurences are going on on the Great White Way in the next couple of months.   What will happen next?  I’m betting a revival of Les Miserables….. but deep down I’m crossing my fingers for a revival of Sunset Boulevard!  We shall see.

Amanda and I opted not to get wasted at Nick’s Superbowl party on Sunday night and instead to catch the 7:30pm performance of Rock of Ages after scoring tickets on TDF earlier in the week.

A mixture of surprise and confusion swept through the theatre industry when the producers of Rock of Ages announced it would be moving from New World Stages to the Great White Way.

Rock of Ages is another “Juke Box Musical” this time comprised of 80’s rock music and with a no-brainer plot.  Guy meets girl, guy and girl fall in love, there’s a miscommunication so the girl goes after the hot rock star.  Add in some German developers wanting to bull-doze gritty LA to build condos and kill rock-and-roll, and you have yourself a musical!

Kerry Butler was unfortunately out for the night but I thought her understudy (whose name I can’t remember at this moment) sounded exactly like her and was quite good – though I also had no idea what I was missing.  Stand-outs in the cast were Lauren Molina (as Regina, an office worker-turned-protestor) and Tom Lenk (as Franz – the German developers flamboyant, yet straight, son), both having great voices and fantastic comedic timing.  The show had it’s ups-and-downs, and though it was entertaining, I wouldn’t go back again.  This is a great show for tourists who aren’t familiar with traditional musical theatre (Phantom, Wicked, etc) but not for the seasoned theatre-goer.

That being said, it is entertaining and if you’re looking for a show to just enjoy (and you like 80’s rock music), this might be it.

(photo via drunkbrunch)