So, how many times did you end up seeing Rent?

This was one of the questions asked by a friend from 7th grade that I met up with last night for the first time in *years*. The term “friends” is generous considering we sat next to each other in our honors English class in 7th grade, and then didn’t talk much after that year, even though we had friends in the same social circle. 

We were Facebook friends, and somehow ended up following each other on Instagram, and then I came up with the bright idea that we should meet up. Because why not.

I ended up on Long Island on Saturday night for Mother’s Day and he ended up being on the island too, so we met up for a drink at the local dive bar (the only place in our town opened by 11pm on Saturday nights) and eventually made our way to the local 24-hour diner. We chatted and caught up for three or so hours. The one vivid memory he had of me was that I loved the show Rent. Hah. 

When we got in his car to leave the diner around 2:30, he looked up and said, “Oh I love that picture. I would totally put that on Instagram,” and I told him to do exactly that. He said, “Really? You think I should?” And I did, and he got out and took the above picture that made it’s way online at about 3am. 

It was nice to see an old acquaintance, who will maybe become a new friend. He wants to see my favorite spots in the city, so there’s that.