Week 1: Done

I can’t believe week 1 of teacher training is over. I was so nervous the night before it started that I barely got any sleep on Sunday and apparently my teacher, Chrissy, didn’t either. I’m sure it was the same for a lot of people. We all sat in a circle and nervously surveyed who else was in the class. By day 4, when we sat in a circle in the studio at the end of the day, Chrissy said something like, “Can you believe how well we’ve all gotten to know each other in just four days?” And it’s true. We really had.

There were pose myths debunked. Super long asanas flowed through. And we learned the secret formula for YogaWorks sequencing. Personally, my mind was blown to find out that our hips are not squared in Trikonasa or Ardha Chandrasana. I was also blown away to find out that there’s a specific method to the madness of YogaWorks’ sequences. From here on out, I’m pretty much going to be keeping an eye on my teacher’s sequences to see if they break any of the rules. I’m annoying like that. We’ve had a ton of anatomy lessons, too. I’m going to really have to work hard to became even the tiniest bit memorized with some of the names.

We’re reading the yoga sutras by Patanjali and they’re so interesting and relevant even in modern times. 

The group of men and women (okay, there are only two men, but that’s okay!) are so incredibly diverse, from all parts of the world, and I’m so happy to be getting to know all of them. 

By Day 4, I was incredibly sore. And after the long asana yesterday, I was even more sore, in addition to exhausted. Today I woke up at the incredibly late hour of 9am and took a bath while doing some anatomy reading and then I stretched and flowed a little. 

And now it’s snowing, so I’m watching the snow out my window while J reads and Playbill sleeps. Happy Saturday!


Soul Food, Yoga, & Ghosts on a Saturday

After seeing Old Times on Friday night, I slept in on Saturday, watched the third episode of season 2 of The Leftovers (weird) and then headed to an intermediate bikram yoga class as a guest at Pure Yoga on the west side. The studio is so, so pretty but it’s also filled with so many superfluous perks that you end up paying dearly for ($195/month). The class was intense. I do bikram yoga about once a year because I think it’s somewhat beneficial but not on the regular. I’m glad I did it but it would never become a regular thing for me. 

After a nap, Uptown Girls, and a much-needed shower, Justin and I headed to a mouth-watering meal at Streetbird in Harlem (soul food, FTW) and then all the way down to Wall Street to the Down Town Association for Shanghai Mermaid’s Victorian Seance

I spent a while curling and hair spraying my hair which fell out as soon as I went outside, but it looked pretty for a hot a second.  We met up with some friends of ours, sat for a very cheesy seance, listened to Miss Ida Blue, and drank too much prosecco before happily hopping on the train home sometime after midnight.

It was a neat experience, but probably not something we’d do again. The venue was incredibly cool though! I’m glad we went though. 

“Wow. That was something special.”

Last Saturday was pretty ideal as far as my Saturdays go.  Although there was really nothing special about it. 

I woke up at 9am (or somewhere around there) and did a round of yoga with the windows open, because it was beautiful out.  After showering and making lunch, I headed down to the St. James Theatre to help Matt and his friend Paul (who was visiting from LA) out with the lottery so Paul could see the show (American Idiot).  The crowd was minimal – under 50 people – and Matt, of course, was the first name called.  Matt went to work (walk-in at A Behanding in Spokane) and I ventured to Starbucks with Paul to keep him company in the hour + of downtime.  I walked around parts of midtown that I hadn’t been to in a while, and also popped into The Drama Book Shop on 40th Street before heading back up to the St. James.  I guess you could say I finagled my way in, because I ended up in the 9th row for American Idiot that day. 

Omar Lopez-Cepero was on for Ben Thompson.  Sean Wing was in Chase Peacock. 

The show was the great, the house was packed, and the audience was very into it.  I’d never seen the show from House Left before so it was interesting.  I watched [Michael] Esper a lot when I usually never do because he’s pretty stationary on the couch for most of the show.  I noticed that John Gallagher Jr. plays different chords than the ones I’ve learned in the last month for Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Wake Me Up When September Ends, and even uses a capo in one of the songs.  (Does anyone know why this is?)

After the show Paul and Matt found me on the sidewalk, and Paul said only, “Wow.  That was something special,” which are perfect words to describe American Idiot.  And not in the Special Ed way either.  In other words, he loved it.  Before I departed them, Paul hugged me and said, “Alli, you are a gem!”

I thanked him, told him it was lovely to meet him, and waved goodbye to both, happy with how I spent my day and not having wanted to do a single thing differently.  I went home to my apartment for a night in; centered, energized, and happy.