I suggested to a guy I went on a date with on Monday night that we go to Shalel, on the Upper West Side (70th and Columbus).  Considering that he is new to the city, I knew it probably wasn’t somewhere he’d been before.  In fact, I hardly hear anyone mention it.  I was afraid it would be too girly or romantic (for a second date, at least) but he thought it was amazing.  I did good, I guess.  

The dim lighting, candles, and cavernous-like booths makes this the perfect date spot.  Although the menu was a bit hard to read and required us holding a candle up to the menu to chose drinks.   I can’t remember the ingredients of what was in the drinks that we had, but each and every one was tasty – although my second choice was a bit too tart.  

The staff was incredibly friendly and didn’t rush us in the least, which was nice because we stayed for over three hours.  Drink prices were moderate ($12).  This was my second time to Shalel and I’ll definitely be back for a third in the near future.  

(photo via yelp – not my photo, taking a photo on a date would’ve been awkward!)