I read the Tumblrs of ladies who are on the dating scene in and out of New York City and more than occasionally I am shocked and awed at how OK some ladies are with being touched by strangers. Not guys they’ve been speaking to on OkCupid or where ever for a while, but guys they’ve just met in a bar. They talk about Dude X or Y putting their hands on their thighs or whatever like it’s validation of how hot they are and that it’s not completely (in my humble opinion) inappropriate.

I went to my neighborhood on Monday night to wait out the storm and watch it get bad (spoiler alert: it never did). I love going to bars with a book, having a pint, eating something, and talking to strangers. I talked to the few people that were in there for the long haul for quite a while and one was flirting with me hardcore. I was not flirting back. He kept putting his hands on my thigh, hand, and back and each time I’d tell him not to touch me. He’d just keep doing it and then apologize right after.

He also took to calling me “sweetie,” which I also told him to stop immediately and, of course, he didn’t listen. When he asked for my phone number, I declined to give it to him (obviously) but I felt bad so I told him to find me on Facebook. I ignored his friend request.

Twelve hours later I woke up to an email from my account associated with this blog. He Googled my name, found this blog, and emailed me. I guess guys things that a refusal to give out a number, followed by an ignored friend request, is an invitation to cyber stalk and email you.

I emailed him back nicely and told him that no, I don’t want to see him again and for these reasons. He seemed apologetic and I felt kind of bad.

But not really. 

Mayor de Blasio Performed a Dramatic Reading of That Onion Blizzard Story

Best Mayor ever. I can’t wait to hear it!

Mayor de Blasio Performed a Dramatic Reading of That Onion Blizzard Story

Snowmagedon, Part 8

So it’s this year’s “storm of the century”! Bring it on!, I say. I went to work today in a sweater dress, leggings, leg warmers, and boots (and a coat, duh). This has become my winter uniform and I give zero fucks. So, so comfortable and warm. The second shot is out my office window, 12 stories above SoHo. The third short is form 3pm today when my office shut down early (so we could work from home and avoid the weather) at the corner of Broadway and Houston.

I found out that Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish have canceled their concert for tomorrow, which totally blows but is probably for the best. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the new date.

I have all of the snowstorm essentials at my apartment: peanut butter, cookies, gummi bears, and dark chocolate. I will be fine. We will all be fine. Chill out, people.