Foodspotting “Summer Kick-Off” Tonight @ Southern Hospitality!

I’ve been meaning to try the new Southern Hospitality on 45th and 9th in Hell’s Kitchen and tonight is the perfect opportunity.  Foodspotting is hosting a meet-up there, complete with free hush puppies (mmm, healthy!), pulled pork sliders, and drink specials (including $3 beers!) beginning at 6pm tonight.

There are a ton of fun people coming, and you should sign up for Foodspotting and be one of them.  More information about tonight can be found on Foodspotting’s Meetup page.  See you later!

It seems as though I’ve been spending a lot of time on the UES lately, and in keeping with that tradition tonight I tried the food at Southern Hospitality (@BBQNYC) on 77th and 2nd.  My friend Tom and I decided we had a craving for ribs (it’s the Fourth of July after all!) and he suggested Southern Hospitality.  I eat ribs once a year and it’s usually the Fourth of July.  I can barely justify it to myself, but BBQ chicken and BBQ tofu just doesn’t hold a candle to BBQ ribs.

I have a vague memory of walking into this establishment once late at night back when I was in college and immediately thinking, “what a sh*thole!” and being relieved when my friend said we should go somewhere else.  Needless to say, I didn’t have much hope for the food.

We sat outside which was quite nice and I’m extremely pleased to say that I thought the food was quite good (dare I even admit that I enjoyed it a bit more than the BBQ at Dinosaur BBQ?).  I had the half-ribs/half-chicken combo and only made it through the ribs before asking for the chicken to be packed up to-go.  

With the perfect seating, perfect weather, great company, and tasty food, this was a perfect way to end the 2nd day of the July Fourth weekend.  

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