Goodbye, Old Friend.

When an acquaintance posted on Facebook Saturday afternoon that the famous Angus McIndoe Bistro on 44th Street was closing on Sunday night, my boyfriend said we absolutely should go after our dinner and movie (which we happened to be seeing on 42nd street) on Saturday. I have such great memories of Angus from The Broadway League holiday dinner party in 2007 to sitting at the bar next to one of the producers of American Idiot (who would later become a friend) before the first preview to just having a drink there back in the day before a show when Sardi’s was too crowded and we were too lazy to walk down to 9th Avenue before or after a show.

The bartender told us they’d been notified of the closing the night before that they were out of a job after Sunday night. We watched Matthew Broderick walk by a few times (since the casts of Sylvia and Something Rotten were upstairs partying) and Stephen DeRosa randomly popped in too while enjoying a few beers. I chatted with the bartender about theatre and about how much I’d miss this place, despite how little I ventured to it in recent years. 

We were almost the last ones in towards 1am when we closed out our tab, wished the bartender good luck, and grabbed a cab home. 

I’ll always have good memories of Angus. The best we can hope for now is that it doesn’t become a Chilis or another Guy Fieris. RIP to another theatre district staple. 

I went to see On the Town just because, well, it’s a classic. (It is, isn’t it?) I was sort of dreading sitting in the Ford-Center-Hilton-Foxwoods-Lyric Pit Of Doom for upwards of three hours. This production received lots of positive accolades when it was out of town, hence the transfer, but still. It’s super old fashioned, classic musical theatre.

Long story short: The production, the cast, the sets, the projections, the choreography is all fantastic. This is a great, solid production. I didn’t even have much trouble sitting through it. It only dragged a couple of times, in my opinion, and even those moments were palpable. Everything about this production is first class; it’s just not my type of musical. Jackie Hoffman, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Stephen deRosa, Tony Yazbeck, Brandon Leffler, and Cody Williams were all stunning singers and dancers. 

If this is your type of musical though, go see it now. You will totally love it.