Weekend Things.

Friday night: BANG! Said the Gun had their second installment. It was, again, AWESOME. I highly encourage you to check it out, last Friday of every month. It’s a slam poetry night that originated in London.

Saturday: Yoga, duh. Then I chatted with a lovely International Politics professor from Baruch in The Hungarian Pastry Shop, picked up “Street Justice” for $6 from Book Culture, and listened to the Columbia University band practice out on their quad. Saturday night I celebrated my best friend’s husband’s birthday at Subject, L.E.S. It was a cool place with $6 Abita, but it was too crowded. They also lost my credit card (which I’d just activated that day) until I looked on the floor behind the bar and was like ‘IT’S ON THE FLOOR. RIGHT THERE.’ I don’t think I’ll be heading there again. Also: the Lower East Side on a Saturday night? Shit show. We all know this, but come on. Really, it’s a shit show.

Sunday: I tried out a class at the new 104th/Broadway Yoga to the People. It’s a great place to go for experienced yogis but I wouldn’t suggest it unless you have a solid practice already. I bought the wallet (on the right) that you see above at the street fair on Broadway. It’s from a company called Big Skinny and it’s amazing and so compact. I ventured later on to Brooklyn to see Ghosts at BAM (review coming!) and went with a lovely guy to an Italian restaurant called Frankie’s 457 in Carroll Gardens. Another upside to my new purse? The middle part is the perfect size for fitting Playbills. 

Sometimes street fairs are awesome.  A couple of Sunday’s ago as I walked home from a free yoga class at Lululemon on 65th Street, I passed through one that spanned for about ten blocks up Broadway.  I stumbled up a used & new DVD table and bought Easy A used and Angels in America (brand new!) for $6 each!  A brand new copy of Angels in America for $6?  I was an as surprised as you.  

I picked up the two posters too; one of an early 20th Century Times Square, and the other is obviously the quite popular English “Keep Calm” poster.  If I re-sign my least this year, I’ll definitely be hanging them.

To find out when there’s a street fair in your hood, click here.