I saw Suicide Incorporated at Roundabout’s black box theatre a few weeks ago right before it opened. It told the story of a group of men who worked for a company that would be hired to write eloquent suicide notes for people. Sounds like a romantic comedy, right?

I won’t say too much about it, but I did enjoy it a lot. The main character (Gabriel Ebert) was a former greeting card writer who was not shifting careers after his brother committed suicide (Jake O’Connor). As in Next to Normal, there’s an ah-ha moment where we are clued-in to the fact that the brother isn’t actually alive as we’ve been lead to believe from the beginning.  I’m a big fan of these moments for some reason.  O’Connor’s acting was fantastic making him my favorite of the ensemble. The set is also impressive, clean, and versatile as the scenes shift quite often in 20 seconds or less.

Suicide Inc. is playing through December 23rd.  Click here for more information.

(photo copyright Walter McBride)