Summer Furidays

A friend of one of my colleague’s works at the ASPCA and asked her if we’d like them to bring around a handful of kittens as part of their “Summer Furidays” initiative. We jumped, duh. They brought by 3 tuxedo kittens and one completely black kitten. The summer is apparently kitten season and their facilities are inundated with kittens. They’ve dropped the adoption fee to $50 (down from $150) to try to encourage people to adopt. 

It was quite possibly the best way to end your work week. 

I fell in love with this little black one named Emmett. He was calmest of all of them until he realized he was missing out on the fun of chasing a laser pointer around and then he scrambled. I emailed the ASPCA rep today and unfortunately he was just adopted today. Sad face. But I’m going to go by their facility on the UES soon and adopt one (after my kitchen renovation is done, obviously). 

Check out the ASPCA’s website if you’d like them to bring in kittens to your office! Trust me, it’s the best hour you’ll ever have in your office.