First Hot Run


I hate running in the summer. It’s miserable. The heat and humidity are unbearable so I haven’t run for a month. Yesterday, J and I ran a quick two miles (his Nike+ app said two miles, so whatever) in Riverside Park and along the Hudson River.

It was not an easy run at all for me. We walked up along the river for 20 or so blocks after we stopped running so we got a bit of a tan. We were exhausted after that. 

I can’t wait to run in fall weather.


Cool Apartment

I loved my apartment from the moment I stepped into it. I walked in, took one look around, and said, “I’ll take it,” and thus began 6 months of paperwork and interviews. The set up of my apartment building is neat in that every room has windows – even the bathroom (which in New York is a total luxury). What I didn’t realize until last summer (and was reminded of yesterday) is that my apartment stays eerily temperate on hot summer days. 

Yesterday was New York’s first 90* day since last summer and I was worried about my cat. The air conditioners are from the last owners and they don’t work very well. The “temperature control” on the one in the living apparently doesn’t really work at all, so I couldn’t leave that one unless I wanted it to be on ALL DAY. 

To circumvent killing the environment, I put the AC on for the morning while I was getting ready to cool the place down and before I left, I open two of the windows (not big enough so she could jump out, but just enough for air flow).

While I was walking outside yesterday, I didn’t think it was too particularly scorching out but because I’m fueled by anxiety, I was a little anxious. I know cats like the heat and there wasn’t a lot humidity so I hoped for the best. 

The windows in my place face north and east. It gets a lot of sun in the morning and then not much for the rest of the day. This might sound like a downer if you’re a person who likes SUNLIGHT 24/7, but I’m not. The apartment gets light but not all-day sunbeams in the window creating sun patches for the little lion (aka my cat) to sleep in. 

Although my view is obstructed, somewhat, so is the sun. And that’s awesome because who wants to come home to a super hot apartment? No one, that’s who.

But I did order two new air conditioners yesterday anyway, including one smartphone controlled one, because I was paranoid during the day and I didn’t want to have to feel like that again. 


How To Be Mindful

I definitely don’t feel this stressed out transition this post-Labor Day week, thankfully. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt it. The month’s just kind of all blend together when you work, don’t they? Summer is nice, but I like fall better. 

How To Be Mindful

Yesterday I had some friends over, like I did on my birthday. Except we utilized my roof this time. It was really sunny and hot, then the sun went down and it was perfect. We had Shocktop, Goose Island, UFO, Coors Light, Brooklyn Lager, white wine, red wine, tequila, rum, seltzer, and lots of food. The fourteen or so of us managed to somehow drink all of the beer. 

There was lots of food, too, including prosciutto wrapped figs by Kristen and pesto crostinis made by me. I also bought cupcakes from Molly’s Cupcakes. I totally forgot about them for a few hours and then ran downstairs to get them when everyone asked why I was holding out on them. 

After it was late, we re-located to my apartment and at 12:30am the last person left.

Also: almost everyone wore black. Because this is New York. 

The Heat Is On

I don’t know if you heard, but it was, like, 100* or something in New York City today. Days like today are why I’m so. glad. that I have an “average” office job… because that means… air conditioning. All day long.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs written by runners and their anxiety over running in this heat. To which I reply: no shit. I hate (loathe) running on treadmills, but if it’s that or running in 80% humidity and passing out, I’d take the treadmill.

And that’s what I did on Sunday morning. I had just gone the last week or so being pretty inactive (and truth be told, running had kind of stopped for me and taken a back seat to yoga for the last month or two anyway) but I was determined to get my shit together again.

I ran on the treadmill in my building for half an hour (totally awful, slow pace but it was better than sweating out every ounce of water from my body), walked thirty blocks to see an apartment, walked another 35 blocks later, and then took a yoga class. 

I felt awesome. I took another yoga class tonight (my favorite advanced one – the teacher, Lisa Matkin, is the best), and I’ll probably be at another one tomorrow.

I’m not sure I really like running at all anymore to be honest. it’s good to get my heart rate up and burn a few calories, but I don’t like running in the heat or cold, so that leaves very months (nowadays) eligible for running). I also think my knees were kind of hating me. 

That said: to burn more during the week easily I’m going to try to start running 3 times a week for half an hour. I think that’ll get my heart rate up.

And Greek yogurt is my best as far as foods go.