Sunday’s Run

Even though the 4-mile race that my dude and I signed up for is over, we’re going to keep up running because it’s a good burn and it’s fun to do together. I think we’re going to aim to do a bunch of 5k’s in the spring and just try to get faster. We’re both not distance runners, by any means, and also it’s been proven time and again that distance running is not good for your body. So, why would we ever wreck our bodies? 

I mistakenly paused my app from 98th Street until 88th Street and then realized it and hit go again. So, we did more like 2.5 miles. We ran down Riverside Drive, then in Riverside Park, and ended near Lincoln Center, so we went to get brunch at The Smith afterwards. I tried the banana french toast – so good, but such a huge portion. 

I had once toyed with the idea of running a 10k (I have, on my own, once) but I’m not married to the idea and if it never happens, I’ll be okay with that. 


Sunday Run-Day

I’ve been running about once a week for the last couple of months, usually with my dude. The Sunday before Thanksgiving we’re running a 4 miles race so every weekend we’re prepping for it. Last Sunday we ran 5k through the west side of Central Park and up The Dakota. 

We were 100% dead after. My quads and calves have been super tight lately and this didn’t help. I spent a bunch of time lying face down on my floor in frog pose afterwards. 

Running can still be boring as a calculus class, but it’s better if you run outside and with someone.

Above was my morning at Birch Coffee while I typed away on my laptop, writing about a half-dozen shows I’ve seen lately – reviews coming up this week.

I’ve spent a lot of this weekend trying to sleep off this cold that I’ve had since Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s getting better, but I’d like it to be gone. 

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time opens on Broadway tonight. I saw the second preview and it was absolutely brilliant. Get your $27 balcony ticket ASAP before it sells out. 

I was going to go see Ted Leo in Central Park today but it’s just. too. cold. Sorry, Ted. Next time when I’m not sick and you’re performing indoors!

I bought these boots in both brown and black because Lord and Taylor was having a huge sale and I had a gift card. I was able to buy both pairs for $129. 

Before I went to see The Fortress of Solitude last night, I headed to Finnerty’s in the East Village to watch the Giants/Nationals game. There also happened to be a Stanford football game on and the bar was packed with rowdy Stanford grads. Two of them asked for my number within ten minutes, which is odd because I don’t spend a lot of time in bars so I’m not used to having dudes ask for my number. I’m going out with one of them on Tuesday. This should be interesting, to say the least.

I’m heading to a few hours of easy yoga tonight to stretch out my body from sleeping for most of this week. How was your weekend?