It’s Getting Crunchy in Here.


And I like it. 

I remember Gabrielle Bernstein saying at a workshop once that when she got on “the path,” she wasn’t really concerned with actively dating because she was “working shopping, vibing, all around town,” or something – that’s totally paraphrased (sorry Gabby!). Although I am dating someone right now (it’s very new, I’m trying to remember that and keep my cool), I’ve been dealing with some obsessive thoughts and so I’ve been throwing myself into as much meditation as much as possible (and my regular yoga classes, of course).

I already meditate regularly, once in the morning and once before bed (more if I have downtime and my thoughts are spinning). I also lead tiny 5 minute meditation breaks twice a week (three starting next week) at my office.  

So here’s what I’ve been doing in addition to that to keep myself out of my head:

  • An awesome woman named Tamara comes to our office every Friday morning before office hours to lead a 20-30 minute meditation for whoever wants it, so that’s definitely always apart of my week.
  • Tamara’s 30th birthday party happened to be two weeks ago which started with a 30 minute meditation too. Awesome. Maybe I’ll do that this year….
  • Tamara and her business partner Mikela (also awesome) run a nomadic meditation gathering called the “BE Society” that meets in different spaces every Tuesday. This past Tuesday they met in a loft on Bowery which was very close to my office so I walked over there after work. I can’t go this Tuesday because I’m seeing Guster (also awesome!)
  • This Sunday (tomorrow) I am attending a meditation gathering at the Community Meditation Center and Sharon Salzberg is going to be leading it. I just started reading her book Lovingkindness so I’m super excited for that. 

If you haven’t meditated before, I’d highly suggest it. And now I’m off to yoga. Namaste. 😉