First Two Books of 2015

I finished Radical Acceptance (I read Tara Brach’s other book, True Refuge, in 2014) a week ago and picked up Loving-Kindness, by Sharon Salzberg, right after and just finished it a few minutes ago. 

I was lucky enough to go to a meditation gathering lead by Sharon Salzberg just last Sunday. It was a very cool experience. Her talk heavily centered around equanimity.

Both of these books are very much about Buddhism and meditation. Both offered mind-opening explanations for dealing with things that inevitably come up in life. if you have any interest in either of these topics, I’d say you should go pick up these books now.

Next up? 21st Century Yoga. Namaste 😉 

I made the (what I now realize may have been a) mistake of sending my ex a photocopied chapter of the book I’m currently reading that I thought he could really relate to.

Well, he emailed me today and rehashed again how he thinks he needs to be single now and how things never would’ve worked anyway, and blah, blah, blah. It took every bit of restraint I could muster up not to tell him to go fuck himself. And it’s not because I hate him, because I don’t. He just does this all the time and I’m over it. If he wants to play the victim and to get validation that how he acted was OK and that I forgive him, well, he’s not going to get it. Not yet, at least. 

But I didn’t say that. I didn’t tell him to go fuck himself. Instead I wrote back asking him to stop replaying the past to me every time we communicate (which has been few and far between in the weeks since things ended). The past is in the past. And I’m still processing my hurt and, to be blunt, pissed off feelings about the whole thing, but I’ll be OK. I’m working on it in therapy and in my meditation practice (which is, I can almost say this for sure, more than he’s doing).

I just keep telling him to be well, because, well, that’s all I really can do.