I went to bed at 8pm on Monday night – I was exhausted – and woke up at 6am on Tuesday. That was awesome. I didn’t have any coffee all day either (and it was National Coffee Day – so bad). I wasn’t tired at all in the afternoon or at night. I had beaten jet lag! I went to bed on Tuesday night just before 10pm. This time I woke up around 5:45am. I wasn’t tired anymore, so I decided not to try to fight it and I got up and went down to the gym in my building. I ran 1.5 miles and then walked another .3 miles (+ 80 sit-ups). I was exhausted and called it quits.

With all of my extra time, I planned out my food for the day (1 cup greek yogurt with 2 tbsp of granola and 1/2c frozen cherries for breakfast, kale salad with chicken, cabbage, 1/3 of an avocado, and peppers for lunch, and two snacks: banana with two tbsp peanut butter and a cup of grapes) and then did some other food prep. I was a tad more tired than I’d been the previous day, but, duh, I’d run and gotten up earlier.

I broke down and had coffee today, but it’s decaf so it’s not as super caffeinated. I’m still trying to get back to my normal routine after traveling for almost two weeks. Slowly but surely.

(The above photo is apropos of nothing. It’s from my first night in Oslo. Norway has the best sunsets ever.)


Sunday morning, 6am

What do you do when you’ve woken up (for the second time) at 7:30am coughing from congestion? Try to go back to sleep? Sure, that will fail though. 

I decided instead to take a bath, swallow some apple cider vinegar, make tea, use my neti pot, and listen to a Gabrielle Bernstein lecture. All in all, it was an ace plan. Now I need to go find a new humidifier because mine pretty much doesn’t work anymore.

Also: I’ve cut dairy out of my diet for now, switched to almond butter (apparently peanuts are awful for congestion), and I’m drinking all of the lemon/honey/hot water I can get my hands on. 

Any more suggestions for combating winter congestion?