A very positive review for Terms of Dismemberment from AndrewAndrew (via TimeOutNY).  Only two performances left!

Hinton Battle is a respected actor, director and choreographer with three Tony Awards. So why is he directing and choreographing the tiny-budget Fringe musical “Terms of Dismemberment,” about a woman who sells her daughters’ body parts to pay off her dead husband’s Mafia debts?

“It’s really out there,” he said with a laugh. “It’s roughing it. But what I like is that it forces you to be creative and come up with ways to use your imagination to suggest or reinvent things. I’m meeting new talent and new actors and hungry actors that are willing to do stuff.”

I’ve mentioned that I’ve worked on the Fringe Festival twice while in college, but after a four year hiatus, I am back and working on a hilarious new [dark] musical comedy entiteld Terms of Dismemberment: A Show with Heart and Other Body Parts. 

It’s a musical about a mother who is left with a heap of mortgage debt from the mafia by her late husband, and more or less has to decide whether or not she should sell her daughter’s body parts. 

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