The Demographics of Broadway

I’ve mentioned before about my work with The Broadway League administering demographic surveys at various shows. It’s a super cool perk because not only do I get paid (not a lot, but who cares it’s nice anyways), I also get to see the show for free. In an industry where the average ticket price is hovering around $100 (and most of the offerings aren’t worth half that, if you ask me), that’s a pretty sweet deal. 

They released their 2014-2015 findings based on the reports that we helped get out and here are some of their findings:

The average age of a theatre-goer is 44. This has been the norm for a while and the industry is constantly trying to find new ways to lower this. If they don’t, the industry will be in trouble because the people who are 44 now are eventually going to die and people need to be recruited to replace them.

68% of audiences are women. Yup, this is another norm. This is why shows are often marketed towards women. They’re the ones making the decisions about what to buy tickets for.

Over 50% bought their tickets online. Someone tell Telecharge to update their mobile presence ASAP. 

80% of theatre goers are Caucasian. This is another problem, because soon Caucasians won’t be the majority anymore. 

The most popular reported sources for theatre information were (um, tourists), New York Times (the regular theatregoer, and poised New Yorker, checks this site), and Ticketmaster (wait, what? This is just a few sad and confused individuals).

I just thought some of this was cool. There are major issues that the industry needs to work out but I have faith they will. It’s either they figure their shit out or they’ll keep raising ticket prices so that only a handful of tickets need to be sold to cover a show’s running costs and only millionaires can afford them. 

Just kidding. Sort of. 

Goodbye, Old Friend.

When an acquaintance posted on Facebook Saturday afternoon that the famous Angus McIndoe Bistro on 44th Street was closing on Sunday night, my boyfriend said we absolutely should go after our dinner and movie (which we happened to be seeing on 42nd street) on Saturday. I have such great memories of Angus from The Broadway League holiday dinner party in 2007 to sitting at the bar next to one of the producers of American Idiot (who would later become a friend) before the first preview to just having a drink there back in the day before a show when Sardi’s was too crowded and we were too lazy to walk down to 9th Avenue before or after a show.

The bartender told us they’d been notified of the closing the night before that they were out of a job after Sunday night. We watched Matthew Broderick walk by a few times (since the casts of Sylvia and Something Rotten were upstairs partying) and Stephen DeRosa randomly popped in too while enjoying a few beers. I chatted with the bartender about theatre and about how much I’d miss this place, despite how little I ventured to it in recent years. 

We were almost the last ones in towards 1am when we closed out our tab, wished the bartender good luck, and grabbed a cab home. 

I’ll always have good memories of Angus. The best we can hope for now is that it doesn’t become a Chilis or another Guy Fieris. RIP to another theatre district staple.