The Performers had their final performance last night – the first of this seasons new plays to bite the dust. It began previews on October 23rd and had just opened on November 14th. Ouch.

My friend Kate had an extra ticket to the closing performance, and because it was a 90 minute show with a 7pm curtain, I said of course. I’d heard that it was funny – for the entire 90 minutes.

And it was. The entire time it was funny… at times, hysterically funny. It was about a few porn stars and a journalist and his fiancee. Would it have been better staged at a smaller space such as New World Stages? Yes, for sure. The Performers was not going to find an audience that would pay $125/ticket, even with stars.

The Performers was comprised of Broadway-famous names like Cheyenne Jackson, Daniel Breaker, and Ari Graynor, and universally-famous names like Alicia Silverstone and Henry Winkler. And one lesser known actress, Jenni Barber.

Everyone onstage did a great job. They each made me laugh loudly. Ari Graynor probably worked the hardest though as her character was the most out-there. 

The Performers was hilarious and had a good message (learn to appreciate what you have, more or less), but it wasn’t meant for the great white way. 


A productive weekend to myself.

I love my ‘to do’ lists. I had no plans this weekend, and instead of what usually happens – go out to eat a LOT with friends and spend unnecessary amounts of money – I decided to relax and make a list of things ‘to do’ and actually get them done. 

I went to my usual yoga class on Friday night. I love the teacher – Paula Lynch – because her classes are so anatomy focused. We spent a good 20 minutes rolling around on rubber balls, for example.  I grabbed a banana-chocolate-peanut butter smoothie from GNC on my chilly walk to the subway – maybe not the best choice for dinner as it was cold and so was the weather.

I slept for ten hours that night and went for a run the first thing the next day.

I had planned on doing 5.5 miles like the last couple of weekends, but my body was so tired and it wasn’t agreeing with the cold wind, so I only got in 2.5. But that’s better than nothing, right? I went to Whole Foods after that and I spent the next 3+ hours in Starbucks writing letters of inquiry and applying for a few jobs. It was exhausting, but I felt really accomplished after all was said and done. I went home to make butternut squash soup after. It’s really quick and easy – and one of my favorite winter dishes to make. Perhaps I’ll post the recipe at some point.

I spent the rest of the evening watching shitty edited-for-TV movies and chatting with friends. I don’t often stay up late – ever – anymore because I loathe getting up late the next day, but I was up til 1am and assumed that Sunday – today – would be wasted. 

Well, I was wrong. For some reason I awoke at 8am and decided to peal myself from my bed and make a 9am iyengar yoga class at my studio (YogaWorks – West Side) with a teacher whose classes I really enjoy (I haven’t taken one in a while though because she teachers during the day during the week). It was a great way to start a Sunday, to say the least.

I walked up to Trader Joe’s – to stock up on Clif Bars – and Jack Rabbit – to get my stride looked at. Two positive things came from those stops:

I realized Trader Joe’s was carrying their seasonal Candy Cane Green Tea again…

And that I need these sneakers… eventually.

I also listened to Dos! another 2-3 times and a friend invited me to the final performance of The Performers tonight… So, that’s where I’ll be. How was your weekend?