Let’s go downtown…

I realized recently that I rarely ever go downtown anymore.  Sadly, unless I have solid plans to do something downtown, I usually stay above 42nd Street.  It’s so weird considering I used to spend most of my time below 14th Street.  But this weekend I am changing that!  Now that I am caught up, for the most part, with my Broadway shows, it’s high-time I catch up on the off-Broadway spread.  

I’m seeing Next Fall on Saturday night, but besides that I’m going to [try to] see The Metal Children (@ The Vineyard Theatre), The Common Air (@ the Bleecker Street Theatre), Zero Hour (@ the DR2 Theatre), and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (@ The Public Theatre), which was just extended for the third time.  I’m not sure which to try to see first!  The Metal Children and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson are definitely topping the list though.

I also want to take a stroll through The Strand.  I was hoping to pick up a copy of Emily Giffin’s new book, Heart of the Matter, but I just called and they’re out of it.  Sigh.  

And if you didn’t hear, it’s finally been announced that Christina Ricci is taking over Alicia Silverstone’s role in the transfer of Time Stands Still.  I’m pretty excited for that.