Considering when I saw this show, I’m way behind on my Writing-About-Shows-I’ve-Seen-Lately. I was offered tickets to The Village Bike, MCC’s newest production, and almost turned it down but was interested after learning that Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha) was in it. And she is awesome, so that was that.

It was about a couple who had just moved from London to the English countryside and are expecting a baby. Gerwig plays Becky, the undersexed and super horny Becky and Jason Butler Harner plays John, her worried and overprotective husband. The trouble starts when Becky buys a bike from Max Shepherd, a local with a less than stellar reputation. 

I’m not quite sure what Penelope Skinner’s intentions were when she wrote this, but it was entertaining and frustrating at the same time. I enjoyed it and I thought Gerwig’s performance was great.

The Village Bike plays through July 13th.