Jury Duty: Done

I always love watching the snow but usually it just turns out to be a pain in the ass because I have to get to and from work, and whatever other plans I have, in it. And that sucks. 

But today? Today I had jury duty for the first time ever. I’d been called once or twice while in college but obviously didn’t have to go. I was called for the first time post-college in June and used my first postponement for sixth months. 

Until January. I received the summons notice earlier this month for today. I thought about trying to postpone again but said, meh. I’ll just get it over with.

I reported down to Tribeca at 8:45am with a triple grande latte in hand, ready to do a lot of reading, texting, and screwing around on my Macbook. We had lots of orientating. Too much. The video they showed us was basically a poorly acted snippet of Law & Order. Guys, most people have seen L&O. I think we can skip the video, k? We were told multiple times that the inclement would not get us dismissed. They said this multiple times. Okay, cool, we get it. We’re screwed regardless of the snow.  Then we filled out a questionnaire and waited for the lawyers to arrive.

Who were late. Fine. Whatever it was a blizzard outside. Then the first thirty jurors were randomly called. I was not one of them. I updated friends on how my day of “civic duty” was going, told my bosses what was going on, and ate a Mojo bar. 

Shortly after sometime in the afternoon a woman entered and told us, “Hi guys, so due to the weather, we’re going to be done for today. You’re all getting credit for your one day of serving. We’ll see you in six years!" So, they do sometimes close down for weather. I spent the latter part of the day buying sweaters that were on sale at the Gap (as I recently discovered that a majority of mine are too big).

I don’t always love the snow, but I definitely do when it gets me out of jury duty. See you in six years, judge. 

A Nice Surprise

After no word from a “friend” whom I was supposed to have dinner with on Saturday night (also to get back from him my Kundalini yoga DVD!), I picked myself up and went hung out at the bar that my friend was working at, Tangled Vine. Shortly after arriving, I grew restless and when I received a random message from a guy who was very attractive on OkCupid who was in town from Austin asking me for a drink, I did some super out-of-character and spontaneous:

I said yes.

We were going to meet at Felix on West Broadway, but it was a little loud when I got there so I popped across the street to Sanctuary T. The place was adorable, hip, quiet, and decently priced. The dude soon showed up and when I asked what he did in Austin, he said, “I manage a theatre company there." 

Wow! What are the chances, right? I’d checked beforehand, but he was also super liberal (duh, he’s from Austin, but you can never be absolutely sure with Texans). He was very cute, and nice, but a little bit boring. We talked for an hour or so over drinks and then we parted ways.

It was nice to find out that there is a chance that you can get a message from a guy on OkCupid, asking you out for a drink, and he won’t be a total asshole.

I guess that’s the moral of this story. Because he might surprise you and work in your industry too.