Movies, Marshmallows, and Moving

I had planned on going to my first yoga class in three (3!!) weeks on Friday afternoon until I received a notification that there was a fire in the building. Well, damn. Elliptical in my building’s gym it was. 

The rest of Friday night was spent eating a delicious meal at Cascabel and watching Rosemary’s Baby with my dude. He really liked Rosemary’s Baby and I didn’t find it scary at all – just more silly than anything else. I was also admittedly falling asleep through parts of it. I just appreciated that they lived in The Dakota. 

On Saturday we went for a nice run, followed by a long walk back up to my apartment, and brunch at The Ellington. We both had some things to take care of during the day (I cleaned out my closet and reorganized the storage underneath my bed – score!) but we reconvened at night and watched Catching Fire (because he’s a good sport) and made s’mores in the microwave. Seriously, it’s the best snack ever.

Sunday was spent brunching at The Penrose with my friend Ben and then finding this $1,250 rare breed of short haired Persian cat in a pet store on the UES. That cat is huge and it’s only 5 months old. I know you shouldn’t get pets from pet stores, but he was SO cute. Should I put together a GoFundMe to rescue it from the pet shop? We went into the UES Housing Works where I bought a dress for a 1920′s themed seance party that I’m going to later this month and I saw the above dress which looks shockingly like Glinda’s from Wicked. I have no idea how much it is, but if you’re looking for a Halloween costume, you should totally buy it.

I hit up a yoga class on the UES afterwards (never again – the teacher kept the room freezing the entire time which to me is a big no-no), went grocery shopping, and started going through my pictures from Scandinavia. More photos to come, don’t worry….


I got back to the office on Thursday after a 6-hour HR conference and our literary editor had left this on my desk. I was SO excited. After reading all the press about it, I started it that night and I’m more than halfway through it. It’s incredible. Martin is SO smart, yet somehow gets lot in this shit. 

I sat down on the train tonight on my way home from the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria and I accidentally kicked the man sitting next to me when I crossed my legs. I immediately apologized and he said, “No need to apologize. You only have to apologize if you want to be one of those women. Absolutely disgusting.” I laughed and agreed with him, telling him that I aspired to be like them 0%. But then I wasn’t sure if he was being anti-feminist or pro-feminist. 

I’m going to assume that he supports powerful women, not just those who live off their “wife bonuses.”

What’s the only logical thing to do after you’ve done yoga in a nightclub? Meditate, obviously.

The night after Willkommen Deep House Yoga, I was super excited go to the BE Society meeting because it was uptown this week. Upper east, but still, UPtown. It was held at the Erata Gallery on 80th and Madison. Leading us in an extra special meditation was breath work and incense expert Mei Yann Hwang. She uses sight, sound, and smell to lead groups through deeper meditation experiences. She’s traveled the world and collected wood and other things to burn so we had scents from around the world burning around us.  

We all laid on the rugs in the gallery with eye masks on and let ourselves experience what it was we were going to experience. I know, eye masks sound weird, but it was really awesome, not being able to open your eyes any time you felt unsure of what was going on. 

The gathering went on later than usual, but it was totally worth it. 

2014: Day One

I saw this crown lying flattened in the street this morning. Someone had a good New Years Eve last night. And I did too! I went to my two and a half hour Kundalini yoga workshop (so cool, but incredibly different from your typical asana, should you be thinking of going) and then to Riposo 72 on West 72nd Street for dinner with one of my favorite friends. After a delicious meal and wine, we watched the ball drop (on TV – we’re no fools), and then we watched the fireworks outside over Central Park (I had no idea they set off fireworks over the partk!), and then I was in bed and asleep by 1am.

I started this morning off with errands and such, followed by a massage and a hatha yoga class with one of my first-ever yoga teachers. She told us to set our intention for 2014. I did, it was this: to be happy. I’m happy now, but it’s simply a reminder to always be grateful and happy.

After my yoga class, there were more errands and then dinner with two of my closest friends at The Meatball Shop on the UES. Now I’m home, touching up my nails, stretching, and watching Ted. Because I’m a goddamn adult. 

Happy new year!