Gimme Gimme (Eye Make-Up)

I love make-up. I always have. I wore lipstick from the time my grandmother first let me have hers and never looked back. Some choices were questionable – I wore silver lipstick more or less every day of 5th grade. Some were good – I look really good in purple eye shadow. 

Two years ago I got my hands on the Electric Palette from Urban Decay and used that like it was going out of style. I mixed colors and I was good at it, but I also liked just using the hot pink by itself, as well as the deep purple on it’s own. I can’t stress it enough: It’s an amazing palette.

Then I had to job hunt again that fall and I thought it was best to tone it down, to a light and shimmery gold. Then I grew bored of the gold and threw that out, too, opting for only eye liner and mascara. Then… yup, I threw out (not literally) the eye liner (I use some $3 POS from Walgreens which could be the problem) and only wore mascara for a while.

Now, since it’s spring, I’m bringing back the eye shadow. I’ve started wearing eye liner again with my mascara, and I’m thinking about starting to slowly introduce some pale pink color back into my routine, something with a tiny bit of shimmer in it. I have two colors to mess around with: one from Bare Escentuals and another one that’s a bit darker (but still light) from MAC

So, I’m going to start playing with those. And I’m going to see how the dark purple from the Urban Decay palette looks. Unfortunately, pale pink lipstick, as much as I love it, makes me look ill, so that’s a no-go, sadly.

I’ll probably never get back to wearing green and blue eye shadow again, but I’m all about the pinks and purples and I’m excited to get back into them as I get back into my spring wardrobe. 

This is about how much make up I’ve been wearing lately. For New Year’s Eve I added a bit of glitter eye liner and gold eye shadow, but aside from that, it’s been this: Origins blush (color unknown, it’s older), no name brand liquid eyeliner from Duane Reade (totally cost, like, $1.99), Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, and Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm (in Spring Splendor).

Despite my obsessive habit of wearing sweatpants and boots this week, I was stopped by an old man (probably 70-ish years old) in Trader Joe’s. He then said, “Besides my wife, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I just didn’t want to tell you that in front of your friend and embarrass you!” I told my friend after and she melted and said, “Oh my god! I wish he would’ve said that in front of me! That’s so cute!" 

Although I’d created quite an expectation to wear at least one color from the Urban Decay’s Electric Palette every day, I guess sometimes less is more.