Okay, I seriously love these memes that are coming out with Obama/Biden. I’ve never been a massive Side Show fan (it’s lovely, it’s fine!) but this is just hysterical if you’re a musical theatre nerd like I am.


As long as I’m still under 35, I’m going to take advantage of HipTix as I did a couple of weekends ago when I saw a preview of Violet at Roundabout’s American Airlines Theatre. I’d worked on a production of the show during my junior year of college and I loved the music and the show, despite it’s heaviness in religion. I’d really wanted to catch the weekend-only workshop at Encore’s last year but I was thrilled when Roundabout announced it as part of their season.

The star of Violet is really Joshua Henry as Flick. He brings down the house every time he opens his mouth and you almost forget that Sutton Foster is even in the cast. That’s not to say that Foster isn’t great – she is, as she always is, but Henry just steals the show. Colin Donnell was also pretty great as Flick’s partner-in-crime, Monty. 

Violet is simple, not flashy, and beautifully sung by a top-notch cast. Good job, Roundabout. 

Dear Row E, Seat 103:

Today at the matinee of Violet at the American Airlines Theatre, you spent 75% of the performance staring at the ceiling (literally) or sleeping. So then why did you feel the need to whip out your iPhone the second the curtain call commenced to take pictures of performers in the show you just paid almost zero attention to? 

It was obnoxious and your sleeping next to me was kind of annoying. If you don’t like theatre maybe you shouldn’t go?