City in the Snow

The East Coast is getting pummeled this weekend with a massive storm. Unfortunately the forecasts are only predicting 6 inches of snow for the New York City area this weekend, but 6 inches is better than nothing (that’s what she said?).  I love the snow. I have no idea why as I’m not a particularly outdoorsy person. I think it’s probably because everything is so peaceful and pretty when it snows. The calm after the storm after everyone is at home, and watching the snow fall. It’s almost meditative.

The benefits of storms in the city, especially when you live uptown, is that the power almost never goes out (now it probably will, but it hasn’t in the last 8 years I’ve lived uptown) and nothing closes. Maybe the neighborhood bar will close at midnight or 2am instead of 4am, but the corner market is always open, and the diner is always open. They don’t call this the city that never sleeps for nothing.

The subways never shut down either. So you know what’s happening if they’re wrong and the storm is massively bad? We’re putting on our boots, hopping on the train, and playing the lottery for Hamilton.  When tourists and people who live outside the city are unable to come in to do things like play lotteries, you hop on the subway and you make the most of it. Freezing snow and ice be damned.

Since 300 people will likely have the same idea, we will probably end up snowed in at my apartment drinking tea and coffee and hot chocolate, or braving the storm for a block and a half and grabbing a hot toddy at Amity Hall or The Hamilton.

Bring it on, snow. Bring it on.

The “Fall” of 2014

You know what I love? This weather. I’m so glad we seem to have skipped over summer this year (I know it’s coming, probably, but let it go). This weather is the best. I was so happy when I woke up and the high was 62* after yesterday’s high was 86*. 

Bring on the ¾ sleeved shirts, light sweaters, plaid, and jeans.

Forever and always. 

Who needs tanning skin cancer anyways?

Snow…. So?

Am I the only one who doesn’t care that it snowed a tiny bit (more like an ice storm, really) in New York last night? I was inside with no need to leave my apartment, which I suppose helps, but people are still complaining today about it.

Put on your big person boots and deal with it. It’s been a funky season so we should’ve been expecting this. Luckily I’m a procrastinator sometimes and my boots were never packed away, so they’re still out front and center for me to use today.

Come on, New Yorkers, you can get it together.

Apparently snow was on the menu for tonight. And today.

Sometime this afternoon I looked out the window and saw snow coming down. Immediately following my silent revelation, I heard other colleagues say the same thing. “IT’S SNOWING!”

It soon stopped and then turned to sleet on my walk to the subway, and then to yoga. When I walked out of my studio an hour and a half later, the streets and sidewalks were covered. My fellow yogis and I gasped at the sight when we were exiting the studio. 

I guess one more blizzard days before spring begins is okay. 

the morning after sandy.

Let’s just say that uptown lucked out. I never lost power, only my internet briefly today. I went to bed around midnight last night after I was of watching TV and movies. I woke up around 8:30am and went for a little walk to survey if there was any damage in my neighborhood. Whole Foods was open and people were shopping like they’d been closed up for a week. Come on, people.

I walked to Broadway to possibly go see if the rumors about Equinox’s being open for all were true but I lost interest and did an hour of cardio yoga in my apartment instead. The above are pictures of some of the damage around my neck of the woods.

I hope everyone’s okay!

Have you heard? There’s a hurricane coming to the east coast. 

I went grocery shopping last Thursday so I was pretty good-to-go on most essentials, but I ran home yesterday after seeing a matinee of Don’t Go Gentle (review to come!) to make it to Whole Foods before they closed at 7pm (as per their Twitter), only to find at that they were trying to keep people out at 5:45pm. “You can come in, but don’t take a long time,” the person at the door informed us. Thanks, because we were planning on spending a few hours in Whole Foods before the 2012 Storm of the Century. This morning I went out to the still-open Associated across the street from me and bought more peppermint tea, chocolate, and a few candles.  I’m not too worried about the power going out as I was informed that my building has a generator and a full oil take to heat water should anything happen. My parent’s power went out on Long Island a few hours ago – oy! 

I have my main food groups covered: chocolate, peanut butter, nutella, bread (I even found Portuguese rolls – far left – which I haven’t been able to find in about ten years!), and some fruit. 

I’m thinking I should cook the rest of the chicken that I have in my fridge so I have it to eat if the power goes out. Any suggestions as to how I should prepare it?

I haven’t been as productive with this mandatory solitude as I could be, but I did straighten up my apartment, do laundry, and finish the book Show Biz (meh). Now I’m eating the Ben & Jerry’s pictured above and watching The Day After Tomorrow. Stay safe!