Weezer @ Warsaw, 3.30.16

Two weeks ago I ventured to the border between Greenpoint and Williamsburg to a little venue called Warsaw for an intimate night with one of my favorites, Weezer. I love their music but admittedly, I don’t follow them as closely as I do Green Day and sometimes I’m not happy about that (I know, #firstworldproblems). I saw them play an epic concert with The Flaming Lips in 2011 and hadn’t had the chance to see them again since. 

Warsaw felt smaller than Irving Plaza. Ben and I stood to the side near the front the entire time. There was another fan next to us who was probably in his late 30′s and was likely in college when the Blue Album came out. He looked like he probably asked his wife to watch their first born for the night so he could relive his college memories. 

They played for an hour and a half and they played all their hits (no, really, look at this setlist). Including Beverly Hills! This was the one song they didn’t play in 2011 that I wanted to play. Weezer is a trip down memory lane through grade school and now through my 20s.

I didn’t get home until 11:30 on a “school” night, but it was worth it. 


On Saturday night my friend (and yoga teacher) invited me to see her husband’s band, The Salted Hand, play down at Fontana’s on the Lower East Side. It was kind of like a guitar school band recital for guitar students from the NYC Guitar School

All of their songs were covers and it was basically a concert of my favorite songs. They started with Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams, then played Amsterdam by Guster, followed by Weezer’s Buddy Holly

Their short set was awesome and the perfect way to begin a night out downtown. We went after to Excuse My French, The Mockingbird, and a late-night snack at Joe’s Pizza

My Name is Jonas.

Fans were lined up outside of the Richard Rodgers today to get cancellation tickets to Hamilton, and now they must be pissed now that both the matinees and evening performances of every show are canceled. 

The above-ground subways are actually shutting down mid-afternoon, the buses are ceasing at 2:30pm, and the NYPD are literally threatening to arrest people if they’re found on the street. 

Call me crazy, but a storm this crazy is so fun. I awoke at 9:30am because I was sure my yoga studio would cancel classes (spoiler alert: they didn’t until 11:30am, oops) and put on my layers and went out for bagels. I walked around a few blocks and even saw some dude running on Broadway in SHORTS. He wins the Crazy Award.

Now I’m doing my laundry, my dude is doing work on his laptop, and we’re listening to the Danny Elfman Pandora station (Batman is currently playing). 

I wonder if being outside under my buildings awning would put me at risk for getting arrested? I may have to find out later. 

Enjoy the storm, my East Coast friends and Tumblrs! Stay safe!

Bowery Ballroom is right around the corner from Sweet and Vicious. Chances of me going to this show are really effing good. I’m so excited. But I’m wearing a Guster t-shirt today…. That’s OK, right? Right. See you there!

(via » The Sweater Songs – Tickets – The Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY – August 22nd, 2013)

Tomorrow night, Mercury Lounge. Anyone like Weezer’s early stuff as much as I do? (via peterwknox)

Weezer was fucking amazing tonight.  I can take or leave The Flaming Lips, but Weezer always had the audience in the palm of their hands.  I took this picture towards the end of the show when the girl in front of us kept giving the Weezer sign with her hands.  It’s not the sharpest picture, but I kind of love the concept if I don’t say so myself.  More pictures coming soon…


Whenever I hear Weezer’s “Beverly Hills” I think back to the summer after my freshmen year of college in 2005.  I was spending the summer living in the New School dorm down on William Street and getting used to a completely different part of the city. 

I went to Eugene Lang College (the liberal arts college at the New School) for my freshmen year and lived in their housing on 16th Street and Union Square West.  It was amazing.  The subway was outside my door and there were always things going on.  I was never disturbed by the noise either (I only remember being woken up one Saturday morning to what turned out to be Howard Stern with a megaphone in Union Square Park). 

Then I moved down to William Street and it was rough.  The subway was three or four blocks away (big deal, I know /sarcasm) and everything closed really, really early.  My room was fine because I had my own bedroom, and my roommate and I never really crossed paths.  The only downside was the fact that our oven didn’t work but that problem was rectified when I got a hot plate (which, as it turns out, wasn’t allowed in the dorms).

I started learning my way around the Financial District and Tribeca, the neighborhoods that would be my home for the next three years. 

But it was in summer 2005 that Weezer released their (at the time) new album and the first single, Beverly Hills.  I still can’t pin-point what exactly I love[d] about it so much but I’ve recently started listening to it a lot again (I’ve started playing it on the guitar – it’s super hard, about 4 power chords altogether) and I still feel the exact same thing that I felt during that summer. 

Fun, laid-back, chill.  The way life should be.