Hard? Not Really.

I had a physical yesterday for the first time in two years. I’m usually really good at getting them once a year, but the time escaped me last year – oh well! Anyways, I went and got all the standard tests done, and then I was weighed.

Two years ago, I was 175lbs. Yesterday I was 149lbs. When I started trying to get healthy, the number on the scale was meaningless. It was all about how I felt and looked in my clothes. I still don’t put a lot of weight (oops) in that number, but it was kinda cool to see it put down in ink that there was such a drastic change.

My doctor asked what I’ve been doing and I told him yoga and running. Then he asked what my diet was, and I told him nothing really changed except that I was conscience of what I was eating thanks to MyFitnessPal. He said he’d been shown it once before, but wasn’t exactly sure how to use it. He congratulated me and told me it must’ve been a lot of hard work.

I thanked him for his kind words but then thought to myself that it wasn’t really that hard. It’s not that hard to run (okay, maybe at first it was annoying), and yoga is just awesome. How hard is it to track what you’re eating in an iPhone app? Not very. It literally does the work for you.

Diet: And it’s not from eating only food from health food stores and Whole Foods. I don’t think it has to be expensive to lose weight (running is free!). I’ve taken on a high protein diet – a lot of Greek yogurt and meat. My pasta consumption has gone down, but that’s only because I realized that I felt sluggish after eating it a lot nowadays. But I do eat it a lot when I eat out (and I do eat out – a lot, more than I should probably). And I still love bread. Peanut butter sandwiches are still one of my favorite foods.  And, yes, peanut butter is a food group for me, basically. Also: I don’t go out drinking very often anymore. There are other things I’d rather spend my money on, mostly, but also I don’t like feeling gross the next morning.

Do I go over my calorie allotment sometimes? Of course. And that’s OK. I will not give up chocolate and peanut butter, so instead I’ll work it off, or at least be conscience of it and not beat myself up over it. 

Losing weight is NOT hard. And now let me insert the cliche: If I can do it, you can do it.