Say Cheese.

My colleagues and I like to go to the Calexico cart in SoHo for lunch every now and then (meaning a few times a week, but I go about once a week). I always get a burrito with a side of crack sauce because: CRACK SAUCE. It’s so good. Calexico is fantastic Mexican food and it’s decently priced – about the same as Chipotle. But this past Monday I decided to switch things up and have a quesadilla instead.

Oh boy, did I ever regret that decision. Don’t get me wrong: It was delicious. In the moment. Then… then I wanted to die. I felt sick and bloated for a good two days after. It wasn’t tainted food (Calexico, you’re delicious, it’s not you, it’s me, I swear) it was that my stomach wasn’t used to all the cheese that I was eating.

Since I was diagnosed with a sinus infection in February, I’ve steered clear of dairy (well, mainly cheese). I still eat greek yogurt on the regular and mac’n’cheese sometimes, but never foods that are HEAVILY packed with cheese like this was. 

So, what’d I do? Stopped drinking the iced coffee that I was having in the morning (the iced part of it makes you bloat and slows down digestion) and exchanged it for green tea. Then I ate meals that consisted mostly of whole-ish foods: carrot sticks, zucchini, hummus, chicken, and pita (this is not really a whole food, I know, but it’s delicious). And some nuts. And guess what – the veggies kept me full and I felt great!

I also realized on MyFitnessPal that my fat intake was way too high compared to my protein intake. I have it set right now to 50% carbs, 20% protein, and 30% fat. I don’t know if this is the best settings for weight loss, so if you know, let me know. I only want to loose 5-10lbs that I gained over the horrendous winter, so if you have any suggestions over what the correct ration is, I’d love to hear it.

But I’ve learned my lesson: no more quesadillas or anything really loaded down with cheese. My insides cannot take it.


Sunday morning, 6am

What do you do when you’ve woken up (for the second time) at 7:30am coughing from congestion? Try to go back to sleep? Sure, that will fail though. 

I decided instead to take a bath, swallow some apple cider vinegar, make tea, use my neti pot, and listen to a Gabrielle Bernstein lecture. All in all, it was an ace plan. Now I need to go find a new humidifier because mine pretty much doesn’t work anymore.

Also: I’ve cut dairy out of my diet for now, switched to almond butter (apparently peanuts are awful for congestion), and I’m drinking all of the lemon/honey/hot water I can get my hands on. 

Any more suggestions for combating winter congestion?

MyFitnessPal-ing is back!

So I’ve decided to start using MyFitnessPal again. It’s almost summertime and I feel like my snacking has been out of control lately.

Even though I run up and down the stairs in between our two offices dozens of times a day, I also sit at my desk a lot. And I think about food WAY too much. I feel like I’m always thinking about my next meal. And I’m snacking at my desk all the time.

Don’t get me wrong: I really like how I look right now. I think I look great. But I’d like it to stay that way too. Dropping 5-10 more pounds wouldn’t hurt either but it’s not that important to me.

I still go to yoga 3-4 times every week and run maybe once a week. I also find myself walking a LOT now that the weather is nice. I’ll walk 35 blocks to my 9:15am yoga class on Saturday mornings and if I’m not in a rush to be anywhere, I’ll walk the 35 blocks home.

I love walking. Especially in the city.

I guess I’m starting with MFP again to start eating (and snacking on) the foods that keep me full and feeling good again.

But in the meantime: does anyone have any tips to keep my mind off food while I’m at my desk?