Throwback Thursday: RIP, Wes Craven. 

I found these photos in my Tumblr archive recently and thought they should be shared. These are photos from the time Wes Craven did a talk at The New York Times building during Halloween 2010, a few months before SCREAM 4 was released. I was excited but probably more apprehensive for the next, in my opinion unnecessary, edition.

This was a cool talk and my friend and I met him after briefly. I have a production photo of him and Neve Campbell from the original Scream hanging in my apartment now (or at least it will be, whenever I get around to hanging it).

The horror world misses you, Wes. 


I saw this on Facebook today and it made me so sad. RIP, Wes Craven. 

I remember seeing him in conversation with a journalist from the New York Times about six months before Scream 4 was released. My friend and I met him very briefly after and I have a photo of him and Neve Campbell on the set of Scream that’s signed by him in my apartment now. 

I remember watching Scream with my best friend and her older sister when it came out on video (!) in 1997. I was 11 and we thought we should watch it in the dark. By the end of the first scene (RIP Drew Barrymore), we thought it was a good idea to turn the lights back on. I own all 3 Scream movies and I’ve watched them more than is probably normal. I remember sneaking into seeing Scream 3 three times. 

I’m watching the Scream trilogy this weekend with my dude in Wes’ honor (Scream 4 was a mistake). In case you’re looking for other Wes Craven movies on Netflix, you can find a list here.  

I used nails and everything.

After three years in my apartment, I just resigned for another 2 years and finally decided to hang things on my walls, and do a few other things as well.  I had a few things hung where I was able to get nails into my walls but since my walls are concrete (like, legit concrete) that’s rather hard.  My parents were able to procure a super powered drill for the day thought and we went to work.  Here are some before and after shots.

Okay, so this is the alcove where my bed is, and I didn’t use nails here but how depressing was this bed?  We got a duvet cover and straightened up the pillows (most of which have to still be replaced though. It looks a lot less depressing though now, no? I’m still considering paining the one wall behind my bed pink. Thoughts?

This was my doorway.  More blah…

To the left of the door, I hung a scarf/hat rack and a framed picture of Neve Campbell and Wes Craven, signed by Wes Craven himself.  On the other side I hung a Be-In poster from the revival of Hair that I had signed in winter 2010, and next to that is an “eviction notice” from the party after the New York premiere for the movie version of Rent.  I thought it’d make people, on their way out, stop and say, “Huh? You’re being evicted?” I asked Anthony Rapp to sign it that night, and it reads, “Alli – pay your rent! Anthony.”

This is a wall in between my foyer and the “living room.”  I put quotes around living room because I live in a studio, and despite the fact that it’s a big studio, it’s all basically my living room.  I took down a few posters and decided to mount my electric guitar.

Above my TV and in between two book cases was a big blank white wall. For the longest time there was a poster that a former boyfriend of mine had given me from the Royal Opera House in London.  I was a bit tired of looking at it, so we hung these two photos, one of Washington Square Park at night that was taken by a friend of mine, and the other a piece of London art that my mom gave me a few years ago.

My desk area was a mess. It still kind of is, but it’s better now I think.  I moved my bulletin board to the side of the desk, and hung up three Green Day posters.  L-R: American Idiot in Berkeley, signed by the cast; Green Day at Madison Square Garden in 1994; American Idiot on Broadway, signed by the cast. It’s a little bit off center, but then again, so is Green Day.