Any Excuse to Color

When I found out they were making “adult” coloring books, I jumped on the chance to have my friends over last Saturday night so we could color like the goddamn adults we are. 

Now unlike lots of the therapy coloring books are claiming, I don’t really find coloring calming or therapeutic. Most of the coloring books have so much damn detail so one page takes a century to finish – and that’s stressful. 

Anyways, ten friends, some wine and beer, snacks, and some profanity-laden coloring books and a good night was had by all. I think the last person left around 1am. 

When I see photos of elaborate celebrations for who-knows-how-much, I always think to myself: all you really need is a good group of friends, snacks, and a few bottles of wine and beer for a successful night out (or in).

And some coloring books. That never hurts either. 

Instead of the normal ‘let’s go to a bar and drink for my birthday’ thing, I decided to go a much cheaper (and more fun, IMHO) route: I cooked and invited a bunch of friends over.

I made tabouli, spicy peanut noodles, salad, sweet potato fries, rice-crusted lemony chicken, almond butter chocolate chunk cookies, and bought some apple cider donuts from the Lincoln Square farmers market.

Everyone else bought wine. And cupcakes. 

By the time I dragged out my DSLR, I was several glasses under so most of my shots were blurry. But my best friend signed me up for a Pandora account which we put on my Roku, listened to some rock, played Cards Against Humanity, drank more wine, and eventually my guitars were busted out towards 1am.

Today I started my somewhat-hungover day with a quick meditation, lots of stretching, and an episode of GIRLS. Later I’ll be having brunch with my family at The Green Table in Chelsea Market.