I have been wearing orange and black for the past 2 or so weeks nonstop as the San Francisco Giants played in the playoffs and then the World Series. I made an instant friend at the new job (he loves theatre AND the Giants) and we held each other’s proverbial hand through this series. Crying (inside) together (via text) as they lost 10-0 in the second to last game, being excited as fuck when they won the game before that 11-4, and last night the Giants finally won the World Series – for the third time in five years! We’ll both be sporting orange and black today in the office. (My supervisor, who is from Missouri, most likely won’t!)

The photo above was sent to me by my friend Ryan who I met at the bar Finnerty’s in the East Village last year watching one of the games. He’s from San Francisco and just happened to be going to Kansas City for work yesterday and he got into the game. No idea what he paid, but he was an outsider there to say the least.

While the Series was fun, I’m glad to have my evenings back for a year now. Other sports? What other sports? Come on.