True Power

I hesitated before purchasing a $50 ticket to Gabrielle Bernstein’s YogaJournal Conference talk last Friday night, but I’m glad I did buy the ticket eventually. I needed it. I’d been having a heavy week and all of the yoga classes in the world weren’t helping, so this was just the thing recenter myself. I’m glad I forked over $50 + fees to Ms. Bernstein for two hours of meditations and good times.

She said this was a sort-of new talk for her so she was nervous but as always, she was uplifting and her presence was powerful. (Hence the talk’s name, “True Power.”) A few very intense guided meditations to some incredible music later and I think it was safe to say that everyone in that room (750 of us, apparently) were feeling a lot better. She even insisted on us turning to our neighbor and telling them, with no sugar coating, what was on our minds at that moment. It took a lot of courage but hey, we were probably never going to see that person again, so why not?

I picked up a deck of “Miracles Now” cards before the talk started, too. My dude, the patient person he is, even obliged in picking out a card with me each morning on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings. He’s not really into the spiritual, granola-y stuff, but he’s humoring me. I’ll get him to start meditating someday. 

Anytime I think I’ve had my fill of Gabby’s talks, I’m always wrong and I’m always glad I went. If you haven’t seen her before, go. If you’re, like, sort-of curious, go. If you want to start out slowly, read Spirit Junkie (not her first book, but the first one I read). You (probably) won’t be sorry.


Yoga Guinea Pig & Fresh Eyes

I was invited last Saturday to be a ‘student’ at an advanced teacher training class. I would get an hour and a half one-on-one class for free. I was totally stoked as I’d never had a private class before. I have regular teachers who know my strengths (and more importantly, my weaknesses) but in busy classes, it’s difficult to get feedback. 

My teacher-in-training was DeeAnne and she was great. She was already a certified teacher, but looking to gain a 300-hour training certificate. I told her I’d wanted to work on bakasana (crow pose) and adho mukha vrksasana (handstand). I almost have crow pose already so she just taught a better way to get my knees on top of my elbows.

After a few vinyasas, she told me my chaturanga (plank) was awesome, which I was pretty excited about as I’ve worked hard to perfect but since there are no mirrors in the studios, I’ve never had the chance to see it. 

When we got to handstand, she put a strap around my forearms and I immediately had trouble. I wasn’t used to having my arms shoulder distance apart (they’re usually wider) so I was having trouble with my outward rotation and my balance. She also made me try a L-shaped handstand, which I can usually rock, but with my arms at such a narrow position, it was way harder and unable to rotate my arms, I was barely able to get into the pose.

So in the four classes that I’ve taken since last Saturday, I’ve focused on narrowing my arms. I got into a handstand today with help from my teacher with narrower arms, but I felt very, very light on my arms. Oh well. Like everything else, it just takes time.

just keep kicking, just keep kicking…