Really, Really.

So, for the record, first, Zosia Mamet can act. And second: this is really, really late. I saw this piece at the end of February. Whoops. What can I say, life happens.

Maybe it’s because I went to see MCC’s Really Really with low expectations, but I left extremely moved. About a college girl from a poor background with a rich boyfriend and a now-bright future ahead of her. Then her life is turned upside down when she tells her boyfriend that she was raped by one of his teammates.

This was definitely a case of she-said, he-doesn’t-remember-because-he-was-blacked-out. And with one possible act of infidelity and another possible lie about rape, she begins to tear her life and the lives of those around her apart.

The play is frustrating in a you-don’t-know-who’s-lying kind of way. It’s frustrating but also leaves you with a lot to think about afterward.

Mamet definitely impressed. Her character in this was completely dark as compared to here overly-enthused one on Girls. And she was completely convincing too. Matt Lauria (from Friday Night Lights) was also very good (I’ve never watched FNL but onstage he was good).  

I saw this a few months ago, but I still felt the need to say it was an interesting, and at times intense, piece.

Good job, MCC. 


The Beginning of a Rainbow


Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Mostly with work, which I love regardless of the fact that I work 50-60 hour weeks now. I literally have no complaints. That also means that I get home at 7:30-8pm and crash (or crash after a yoga class at 9). So that hasn’t left a lot of time for show-going.

But that all changes this week and I’m stoked! On Thursday night I’ll be seeing Zosia Manet in MCC’s “Really Really.” I love Girls so this is super exciting in my mind. I’m excited to see what she can do onstage, even though I’ve read a synopsis of the play and I’m assuming her character will be pretty similar to the one on Girls

Later this week on Saturday, I’ll be trekking up to Hartford with some good friends to see the non-equity tour of American Idiot. It’s been about a year since I’ve seen the show live, so I’m looking forward to this treat. A reputable source claims that the Johnny on tour is the best he’s ever seen, so it should be good.

The trip to Hartford is far, and long. But to experience 90-minutes of punk rock bliss, it’s worth it.

Lastly: I’m going to either the second or fourth preview of Matilda next week. I’m REALLY stoked. Considering that this is THE show that will most likely (you heard it here first) sweep the TONYs, I’m so excited. 

So, let’s pray for a low-stress work week and lots of awesome theatre.