Me: I can invite him over to my place to watch a movie, a really good one like Sex and the City!
Jason: You really know how to scare a guy off.
Me: No!

Jason’s half asleep still.

Jason: I can’t believe you ran into Ray at that bakery! Why isn’t he at your place right now?
Me: He was with his friend! (A guy)
Jason: Well, there was your threesome, at your doorstep! With SCONES! You fail.
Me: They didn’t have scones today, anyways.

A lazy Sunday afternoon.

jason: why did you text me? it was not worthy of a text.
me: yes it was.
jason: remember what I said: bound and gagged in a trunk of a car, and it must be a moving car.
me: shut up.

Love Jason’s wit sometimes.

Me: Can you come over and look at my laptop after work?
Jason: No but you can come to my apartment.
Me: Okay! But wait, you’re a Mac… do you know anything about PC’s?
Jason: I know everything about everything, and don’t you forget it.

Our conversation before he revived my laptop!

Do you think YOU could go 6 months without a date? Let’s say 3 months, I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself. If you did that, I think you would probably shrivel up into an attention-less ball of pathetic.

Jason, and this is why we’re friends.