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I watch about 2.5 TV shows (The Hills, The City, and occasionally The Real World; quality TV, I know) and I generally don’t have the patience or attentiveness to follow a sitcom for an entire season but I’m very excited about this new show, Glee! It premieres on May 19th, on FOX and it stars Matthew Morrison (Hairspray, Light in the Piazza, South Pacific, etc) and Lea Michele (Les Miserables, Spring Awakening) which is extremely exciting for theatre geeks all over.  Watch the preview and tune in on May 19th!

Lib Dub: Hung Up from Julia Allison on Vimeo.

Julia Allison posted a link to this video on her blog a few days ago and I watched it.  I haven’t watched many of her lipdubs, but of the few I have, this is my favorite.  The look on Charles Foreman’s face (in the middle) is priceless.    I also had never listened very carefully to what the lyrics of the song were before.  Now I know it’s basically my life, set to a funky beat.

This video is of course © Julia Allison.