“Would it be too forward of me to ask if I can have breakfast at Tiffany’s tomorrow?” – Dan, to a girl named Tiffany

Yesterday was a day of firsts, so many firsts that I felt compelled to write about.  I had a fantastic interview at an off-Broadway theatre company downtown, where I actually scored point for being from Long Island.  Who knew that’d ever be something to shout over?  After I headed over to Batch, on West 10th, to try their cupcakes – yes, I was weak and had a cupcake.  I bought the cupcake called “The Velvet” which you think would be Red Velvet but it wasn’t red cake, and it had a chocolate filled center.  But the cream cheese icing was very good!

On my way back to the B/C trains, I passed by a restaurant that I am now obsessed with called Sweetiepie.  I have no pictures because my phone had died, but believe me, it is a palace of Barbie pink, and fit for a princess (though I am no princess, Jason!).  The cushions are all bright magenta pink, the rest is white and the walls are lined with mirrors.  I talked to the manager for a while, and we might work something out for the back room for my birthday!  They have a huge $75 sundae that he said is perfect when you’re having a lot a party.  When I’m in the area again, I will take many pictures because this place is adorable.

Later at 4:30, I at long last took in a viewing of Rachel Getting Married with Lindsay.  My parents sent me their Optimum Online card which gets 2 free tickets to any movie at any Clearview Cinema on Tuesdays.  Anne Hathaway was great, as was Bill Irwin and the rest of the cast.  I have to take my hat off once again to the trailer editors.  They made this movie look like a humorous walk through the park to a lovely wedding at the end.  There was a lovely wedding towards the end, but the walk to get there was dramatic and overwhelming.  Hathaway, a drug addict and alcoholic just out of another stint in rehab, has a lot of pent-up aggression towards her family and likes to be in the spotlight at all times.  Maybe this was her real addiction, not the drugs and booze.  The camera work was shaky and hurt my eyes a bit, but aside from that, the movie was quite good.  It was definitely different from the standard film that Hollywood puts out nowadays (and certainly miles away from Saturday night’s Confessions of a Shopaholic).

We headed downtown to Alphabet City after to try Matilda’s, a very cute wine bar & restaurant on Avenue C and 11th Street.  We passed two street fights in progress on our walk there, but once inside we were safe.  It was “Ladies Night” which meant free wine for women and half price on all other drinks.  We stuck to the wine!  We met Jay, the bartender, manager, actor, and Seth Rogen look-alike.  He served us up free bread chunks, tortilla chips, and guacamole.  It was all SO good.  Lindsay’s friend Erin, who lives next door and had recommended we go to Matilda’s, came by later with her adorable teacup Chihuahua.  Dan stopped by before going to his event around the corner.  Lindsay and I split a small pizza before saying goodbye to Jay and heading over to Louis 649 for free absinthe.

We walked three blocks to 9th and Avenue B (street-fight free!) to the bar and the crowd was still small so we took seats at the bar and had lemon-ey absinthe induced cocktails mixed for us by a very cute bartender.  Within an hour, the bar was filled with absinthe-seeking bankers straight-from a hard day at the office, or in the case of a lawyer named Patrick, a hard day of meetings in Philadelphia.  Patrick was a very cute 28 year old lawyer who I chatted with for a while.  While Patrick was away from the bar, an adorable guy named Matt, came up to chat while he was getting drinks for his friends.  After 15 minutes, he said, “My friends are going to kill me; I have to get these drinks to them.  I’ll see you later?”  Sure, Matt.  A while later, Lindsay and Dan said, in unison, “We’ll save your seat, go see if you can find him!”  That’s what friends are for.  I went, and I found, and we chatted.  He took my number down in his cell and said he’d call me – I’m not holding my breath, but he was nice!  I had written my number down on a napkin to give to Matt, but somehow it found its way into the hands of Patrick, via Lindsay, who texted me later that night after I’d already gotten home (and who I’m still texting as of this morning).  Oops!


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