We have no real reason to be touring other than we really like playing music, so we’re playing these really long sets.  Thanks for humoring us!” – Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

I went to see Ted Leo & the Pharmacists last Sunday with Dylan at The Bowery Ballroom – my first time seeing a show there too.  My high school boyfriend introduced me to them in 2004 and I’d seen them once in 2005 at South Street Seaport.  I have to admit, I’m a semi-bad fan because I really only knew the music from their ‘03 album, Hearts of Oak, but I enjoyed their entire set.  The two opening bands kind of sucked, but the Ted Leo being awesome made up for it.  Click here to watch a quick clip of “The High Party” (one of the songs from their ’03 album) – the camera work is shaky because I was dancing!


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