In the Heights is an extremely enjoyable and entertaining show that I go see when I can get super cheap tickets.  I happen to be able to get them the day of Broadway on Broadway, so after I was done at Times Square Studios (at exactly 1:47pm), my mom and I rushed over to the Richard Rodgers Theatre on 46th Street to catch the 2pm matinee of In the Heights.  Jordin Sparks was out, which was disappointing, but her understudy, Gabrielle Ruiz, is great and did not disappoint.  

The cast was in great shape.  Kyle Beltran, the new Usnavy, is great, and my only complaint about Clifton Oliver, the new Benny, is that he needs to stand up straighter, he always looked hunched over.  Olga Merediz, as Abuela Claudia, was on fire, as per usual, as was the immensely talented Priscilla Lopez, as Camilla.  My only critique to this TONY winning show is that they need to clean up their lighting cues, numerous cues were late.

Marcy Harriell, an acquaintance of mine (and, admittedly, one of my favorite musical theatre actresses since I saw her in Rent when I was 12), was back from her medical leave and I was excited to introduce my mom to her after the performance.  She offered to take us onstage and I am never one to turn down such an offer.  Above is a picture of her and I – it’d been quite a while since we’d take once, I think since the closing show of Lennon in 2006.  That could be inaccurate though, I’m not sure.  Anyways.  We caught up briefly and chatted also with the prop manager who popped his head through part of the “beauty shop” for a minute before saying goodbye so she could go rest up for the next performance.  

Oh yes, and my mother loved the show.  I’m so glad she finally got to see it!

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