Last Friday as part of the weekly concert series “Celebrate Brooklyn!” in Park Slope, Ted Leo (of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists) made his way to Prospect Park to open the show.  I try to catch Ted Leo in concert whenever he’s performing in the city, and when it’s free? That’s even better. He was playing by himself, and had “only 40 minutes and a load of songs,” as he put it, to which we all cheered. 

He loves his stage banter and had a really hard time not talking in between songs (his words, not mine), but he was able to make it through a ten song setlist. He played two of my favorites of his The High Party and Me and Mia, amongst other fan favorites like Timorous Me, Bottled in Cork, The Little Smug Supper Club, and Bleeding Powers. He played a couple of new songs too, always prefacing them with, “I just finished this one last night, so… Yeah!" 

And they were always fantastic.

The forty minute set was certainly worth the thirty-five minute train ride. The ride home took approximately thirteen Ted Leo songs. A good time indeed.



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