Several years ago Manhattan Theatre Club produced a show on Broadway called “Shining City.” It was about ghosts and it was interesting, but you didn’t go “oh my god!” until the final moment of the play right before the blackout. The Rattlestick Playwright’s Theater’s current production of “The Correspondent,” by Ken Urban, is kind of the same.

About a man named Philip (Thomas Jay Ryan) whose wife was murdered, shortly after the funeral he hires a service that gets paid for having their on-their-death bed employees deliver messages to their loved ones once they have also passed. Philip fought and slapped his wife the night before she was killed by a speeding driver and he questions whether or not she forgives him. Shortly after he speaks with the woman (Mirabelle, played by Heather Alicia Simms) who’s going to deliver his message, he starts receiving letters in his wife’s handwriting including intense detail about their relationship. Mirabelle decides to help him find out who’s leaving the letters (Jordan Geiger).

That’s when things get weird. Very weird. Sometimes awkward as well. But once the man gets his answer your jaw drops and the play is over and the black out occurs.

The writing was at times questionable but made sense at the end. The acting was solid and the set was simple and effective – a modest, well kept living room in a Boston apartment.

The last line though? It’s worth seeing just for the last line.

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