Last Thursday I was invited to see Company XIV’s latest production, Rococo Rouge. Last season’s Nutcracker Rouge was so fantastic that I couldn’t wait.

Rococo didn’t have a plot though – it was mostly just touching upon Louis XIV’s favorite sins with a lot of fantastic dancing and some opera.

The dancing was fantastic and raunchy and everything I’d expect from Company XIV. I even enjoyed the company member named Katrina Cunningham (pictured) who sang a few songs and sounded a fantastic amount like Adele. What I wish they would have spread out a bit more evenly, or if I’m being completely honest cut entirely, was the opera singing. It was too much and I was really expecting just a lot of fantastic dancing. So maybe it was me that was the problem.

In any case, I really enjoyed Rococo Rouge regardless of the excessive opera. And Company XIV’s new space down on Lafayette is sexy and fabulous too.


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