Last Saturday I went to see Manhattan Theatre Club’s off-Broadway production of Lost Lake, by David Auburn, starring Tracie Thoms and John Hawkes. 

I adore Tracie Thoms so I was excited, having not seen her onstage since Rent closed in 2008. Lost Lake was about a single mother who is renting a run-down lake house for a week to get her kids out of the city. It turns out that the owner is in cahoots with his family, broke, and living in his car outside the house while they’re there.

I was pretty sure Hogan, the owner of the  lake house, was going to lose it and kill Veronica (Thoms) at any moment. The whole play was incredibly creepy. Thoms and Hawkes were both excellent, and believable. 

It sort of dragged towards the end and I’m not sure what Auburn’s motive was for writing Lost Lake, but it was okay. Not half bad at all.


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