Happy TONY Award Nomination Day!

As the years pass us all by, and it gets further and further away from the last day that I officially “worked” in the business, I still post these because it’s still a “special” day. The day the TONY Award nominations are announced. I used to get to a very boring job from 2009-2012 early every day on this day to watch the announcements live before anyone else had really arrived at the office. Sometimes I’d try to navigate the conference room TV, but that always proved futile. But this year, I have to admit that I almost forget the day was upon us. Oops.

Anyways. This is also a special day because it’s also the day when you buy up tickets for the shows you haven’t seen on TDF because they’re there and now that the nominations have come out, who knows how much longer they’ll be there.

But first let me say: I am shocked that Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 got so many nominations. Not that it’s a bad show – it’s just a production that gets lost in the space. And the story is a little convoluted, too. But it is gorgeous and there are pretty voices in it, so, hey. More power to them.comet.jpg

I digress. So this morning, Kristen and I bought tickets on TDF to both Oslo and A Doll’s House Part 2. Oh, and we’re seeing Miss Saigon tonight (Finally! Yay! I’m so excited!). After Miss Saigon, I will have seen no other nominee for Best Revival of a Musical because Falsettos is closed and I really can’t see what the purpose of putting myself through Hello, Dolly! would be. (With all due respect, Bette Middler!)

It seems like all the same musicals are nominated in every category. But isn’t that how it usually is?

I would’ve said we should scramble and grab tickets to Amelie, but that seems to have gotten 100% snubbed, as did Anastasia for the most part. Too many shows for too few slots.

I almost hope Sweat wins Best Play because it’s relevant AF. And I think Dear Evan Hansen will take Best Musical because everyone LOOOOVES it (I’m not poking fun at the show as I’ve not yet seen it) but I think there’s a chance Come From Away could slide into home and grab the Tony on that night in June.

I am particularly warm inside for Jenn Collela’s nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical, and also for Andrew Rannell’s nomination for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. And Great Comet’s Denee Benton has been with the project for such a long time that it’s heartwarming that she gets the recognition that her beautiful voice and performance deserve.


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