I tweet, therefore I am.

I found this article on Tuesday and posted it to my Twitter, obviously, but I think it deserves a post here.  Thank you, Gawker. I agree.  Why do you need to know where I’m going for dinner?  You don’t.  By the way, follow @thatgirlallison.

I was baffeled because on the front page of the New York Times main section yesterday was this article about students using “stand-up desks” instead of traditional kinds with a chair.  I would not deem this news-worthy, or at least not front page of the New York Times-worthy.  This is proof that today’s youth needs to step away from the 24/7 stimulation they experience and read a book.

As for books, I found out yesterday at Emily Giffin’s fourth book, “Love the One You’re With,” comes out in paperback on April 21st!  I’m incredibly excited because I’ve read her other three books (Something Borrowed/Something Blue/Baby Proof) and I love getting lost in them.

I sent out an email to everyone in my industry that I know, saying that I was still job hunting and if they were looking for any help, and I got a phone call about 10 minutes later!  It was a producer that I met once through faculty at Pace.  She didn’t have anything full- or part-time but she said she needed some help yesterday and today, and she’d pay!  I picked up a couple of pairs of shoes yesterday and I thought, “I could totally be a personal assistant."  Running errands is a better time than sitting at a desk.  I wouldn’t want to be Devil Wears Prada-assisant style though.  I like having a life.

Tonight is a viewing of Requiem For a Dream at Jason’s.  I love this movie, he needs to see it now.  It’s beautifully shot and an extremely affective movie.  Every high school junior should be made to watch it, IMHO.

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