Dear Elisabeth Hasselback:

From The View yesterday, February 26th, Elisabeth Hasselback set women back another 60 years, as usual with this:

Their bodies should be sacred!… What about their bodies?  We’re in this very sexual society right now okay so we’re supposed to at the same time say, ‘No it’s not a big deal if you’re having sex early; no, it’s not okay if you’re not honoring your own body, how are they supposed to honor their body then choose in a situation of a relationship sexually, so they choose to have sex, okay, so they’re giving themselves over earlier and earlier, we’re seeing the statistics, then they’re in a relationship where their body is also influenced by the man in a different way be it abuse or whatever, then, we’re not teaching them to honor their bodies.

More or less, that’s a manuscript of what the conservative horror of a person (that should be moved to FoxNews as soon as possible) said regarding the Rhianna/Chris Brown abuse situation.  I’m sorry for the lack of proper grammar.  It’s almost impossible to insert grammar into that woman’s rants.  Thank you, Elisabeth, for negating any progress that the feminist movement has made in the past 40 years.  (I am, in fact, not a feminist.)

What’s been bolded of that manuscript is bothersome.  It’s always baffles me when women talk about young women (or girls) having sex.  Why, in sexual situations, is it always the woman “giving over her body”?  Why isn’t it the man?  By harping on the “giving over your body” point, I think women are classifying themselves as second class citizens.  Men and women are equal.  And when they come together to engage in sex, it’s also an act that is equal.

Also, since the invention of birth control, sex isn’t an act purely for the reasons of procreation.  I believe that when you have sex, you simply acting natural and, to quote The Rocky Horror Show, “giving yourself over to pleasure.”  There is nothing sinful about sex; nothing disgusting no matter what age you decide to engage in it, as long as it is your decision and yours alone.

When people, men and women alike, stop yelling at girls & women for “not honoring their bodies” simply because they are listening to their instincts and enjoying themselves (safely, of course), then, and only then, will men and women truly be equals.  In my opinion, at least.

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