I was invited to see Honeymoon in Vegas last night week and I was hesitant. I’d heard LOTS of mixed things, so my expectations were leveled out. I hadn’t seen the movie but I knew sort-of what it was about. I always love being in the Nederlander Theatre, so my friend and I settled into and readied ourselves. 

The show is all cheese. 100%. It’s fun, glittery cheese with a fun score though and a great cast. I mean, who knew Tony Danza could sing and tap dance?! Not I. I felt like Nancy Opel was great, but mostly wasted. Rob McClure, of Chaplin fame, was fantastic and adorable and Brynn O’Malley was whimsical and amazing. 

This is one of those shows where you see the price of your ticket onstage. Lots of big sets, projections, expensive costumes, and fancy lighting. It could’ve been a tad shorter (the first act especially) but it was fun. It was mindless fun. 

Now I kind of want to take a trip to Vegas. 


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