Off-Topic Rant: IUDs

I am so getting an IUD as soon as I have full health coverage again (I currently have very minimal coverage).

For the first time since I switched from my shitty OBGYN on Long Island (those fuckers literally held me hostage every 3 months to come out for an exam for no reason) to an OBGYN/GP in the city, I am being given shit about refilling my birth control prescription. 

My GP says I need to come in for a pap smear every year if I want a refill and my OBGYN that I saw last March said that at my age, knowing that I’m on birth control, said it wasn’t necessary for me to get a pap smear every year, but only every 3 years. I told my GP my current insurance situation so they’re refilling for 3 or 6 months (I’m not totally sure which) until I am fully covered and can back in for another fucking appointment. He also said he “regrets my insurance situation and can reduce my fee in view of my loyalty throughout the years.” I’d like to tell him to stop being such a grumpy old man and get with the fucking times, but I didn’t. 

I emailed my OBGYN and told them my issues and they said I need to come in for a yearly physical. I told them I’d just had one and could send them the results. They’re refilling me for 3 months.

So between my GP and OBGYN, I have refills for the next 6 months. Ladies, tell me about your IUD experiences. I’m hopping on that train.